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a haven for healing
a memorial to the unborn for people affected by abortion or miscarriage

what is the memorial?
The memorial is a quiet, reflective place to remember the unborn, a haven to assist the healing process following an abortion or miscarriage.  It is a peaceful place, a place for prayer, and a source of comfort.  The memorial provides a beneficial way for people to express their grief.  The memorial is located at St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery, 5226 S. 46th Street (46th & Q Street), in Omaha, Nebraska.

how do i add a name?
The design consists of two rings of square granite stones wrapping around the Rachel Mourning Statue, a statue dedicated to the memory of those lives lost through abortion.  The square stones are engraved with names of the unborn to personalize the memorial and make it a familiar place of healing.  Each stone may bear up to five names or lines of text.  Up to 18 characters (including spaces) may be added on one line.  Please use the "contact us" form on this website to submit a name for engraving.  We will contact you with further information.  Donations of $25 per line are accepted but are not mandatory.


                                               memorial layout                                                                sample stone
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